Season end BBQ – June 22nd

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After the final games next weekend (June 22nd), players, coaches and families are invited to join us at our Clubhouse (beside the tennis courts) for a BBQ. Players and coaches will all receive a free hotdog and drink. Hotdogs, hamburgers, drinks and chips will be available for sale to everyone else at great prices! All proceeds to the LFMO.

On the 22nd, we will also be taking back equipment from unregistered players and returning deposit cheques. Make sure to bring a change of clothes. Please note that we will be collecting the LFMO jerseys from all players.

If you will not be at the final games on June 22nd, and are not registering for the Vikings, please return the equipment to the Clubhouse on Wednesday June 19th, 7-8pm. Deposit cheques will be cashed for all outstanding equipment on June 25th.

See you on the 22nd, and bring your appetite!!!!